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Home » News » Dubai plays a symphony of the masterpieces of the culture of the African continent

Dubai plays a symphony of the masterpieces of the culture of the African continent

    Among the corridors of Dubai breathes the fragrance of love, this city that is accustomed in the mornings to immerse itself in the fragrance of oud and peace, and to wear a handkerchief of tolerance, while under the clouds of its sky the cultures of the world shine, with different tongues as their origins, to make in harmony with Dubai a multi-colored mosaic panel, the strength of which is The key is to live together and celebrate diversity.

    The features of this mosaic will be prominent next October, when “Dana Al-Dunya” will host the Africa Festival, which is one of the largest festivals that celebrate the cultures of the brown continent. The black continent is their common denominator.


    Next October, over the course of three days, Burj Park in the downtown area of ​​Dubai will witness a remarkable celebration of the life that is taking shape within the continent of Africa, with all its different expressions, through a range of cultural, artistic, and musical activities, to expand and also include fashion and exhibition shows, In addition to other experiences related to handicrafts and heritage, as well as the culture of food with its different flavors that smell in the atmosphere of the Black Continent.

    “The whole festival is a tribute to Africa and its people and a celebration of its diverse cultures,” Nina Olatuk, CEO and partner of the Africa Festival, described the event, which kicks off on October 21, and said: “This is not the first time we have organized this festival. And that the cultural diversity of Africa was celebrated in 2018, as the idea at that time was to celebrate the experiences of food, entertainment and vibrant life in Africa, and present them to other communities and cultures present in Dubai.”


    Nina Olatuk pointed out that the festival, which is held under the auspices of Emaar, aims mainly to highlight the vital energy that Africa is famous for.

    She said: “In this festival, we look forward to bringing together lovers of Africa and lovers of its cultures and arts in the open air and under the shade of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest in the world, with which our hopes rise to embrace the sky.” Many nationalities and cultures of the world have shaded her, and indicated that Dubai’s possession of this cultural diversity will increase the brilliance of the festival, which she said will be open and free to everyone regardless of gender and race, noting that the festival also seeks to display the essence and pure spirit of Africa, and the quality of experiences that characterize it. this continent