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Eleri Efiɛ presents a huge solo exhibition by El Anatsui

 8 March 2022, with the opening of a massive solo exhibition titled Shard Song of the work of the famous contemporary artist Il Anatsui curated by Mai Leng Loko and creative direction by Aida Mullonet.

The exhibition presents a series of new woodcarvings reminiscent of Anatsui’s earlier work in the field and its continuous development, complemented by a collection of distinctive works designed with bottle caps. This gallery was co-founded by Kobi Mintah, Kwame Mintah and Mrs. Valentina Mintah. Gallery Efiɛ is a contemporary art gallery specializing in promoting African artists, both from within and outside the continent, to reflect the experience of the African diaspora while highlighting West African art. The gallery represents mid-career and established artists, and supports the sharing of their work in the Middle East, creating a platform for collaboration and exchange between the two regions.

The term shard or “shard” refers to the basic unit in Il Anatsui’s work, which is the broken part of the pottery, or the piece that has undergone a process of tearing and splitting. But the word “splinter” here illustrates the quality and potential of the broken piece, as its edges are left bare exposed but ultimately “free”. “The splinter also brings with it a degree of life force within the shard’s small range,” says Loco.

Loco explained: “The idea that the ‘song’ belongs to the fragment gives strength to this fragment. It also reflects the dynamism and movement that resulted from the repetitive process of engraving on wood, which shows here the splendor, as if the wood plays music with its delicate engravings and wonderful colors.

In October 2021, Efiɛ was opened for the first time in Dubai with a temporary exhibition stand in Burj Plaza, as part of the All Africa Festival, providing a distinctive insight into the exhibition’s long-term plans for Dubai and the region. Now with the new and permanent exhibition space, Efiɛ Gallery is the new addition at Al Khayyat Art Avenue in the creative Al Quoz district of Dubai.

Credit: https://www.zahratalkhaleej.ae