Abdou El Omari

Nuits D'Été: Fatine / Layali Saif]

Artist: عدبه†العم†اري†[Abdou El Omari]
Title: لایلي†الصیف∫†فاتن†Ø†لایلي†الصیف†[Nuits D’Été: Fatine /
Layali Saif]
Genre: Funk, Psych, Arabic, African
Format: Vinyl, 45 RPM, 7”
Label: Disques Gam
Year: 1976

Composer and keyboardist, Abdou El Omari was born in 1945 in Tafraout, a small town in Morocco situated 180 km south of Agadir. It belongs to a generation of musicians who revolutionized Moroccan music bringing it to wider horizons without altering the soul; Taking traditional music (styles like gnawa, sufi, chaabi and classical malhun) and adding a contemporary flavor combining funk, rock and progressive jazz. Abdou El Omari is considered a pioneer of this generation of Moroccan musicians and his only solo album in “Nuits d’Ete” could be understood as the blueprint for Moroccan Psychedelia. This 7” consists of two of the most iconic tracks from the full LP, Nuits D’Été: Fatine and Layali Saif.