Nkono Telles

Fiesta Dancin’

Artist: Nkono Telles
Title: Fiesta Dancin’
Genre: Electronic, Funk, African
Format: Vinyl, Album, LP
Label: Teno Records
Year: circa 1980

Fiesta Dancin‘ was Nkono Teles’ first solo record and a record of which Teles alone was responsible for bass, drum machine, electric piano, organ, guitar, synth, lead vocals, production, and writing. This album is a synth disco masterpiece and one of the earliest references of the incorporation of electronic elements into the African sound. Beyond this record, the Cameroonian could be understood as the God-Father of Afro-funk, as you will find his name plastered in the credits of the biggest hits from artists such as: Fela Kuti, Steve Monite and Segun Robert.