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Yves Klein & Charles Wilp

Prince of Space, Musik Der Leere

Artist: Yves Klein & Charles Wilp
Title: Prince of Space, Musik Der Leere
Genre: Philosophy, European
Format: Vinyl, LP
Label: Sight & Sound Production
Year: 1965

Internationally renowned French Artist Yves Klein paired with German designer Charles Wilp produced Prince of Space, Musik Der Leere, which echoed the silent second half of Klein’s 1947 Symphonie Monotone – Silence. This record from back to front is entirely silent, complete nothingness.

When a listener encounters a piece of work, the way this piece interacts with them and the emotions that are evoked from said encounter may differ from that of the next person. However, what if this same individual is to encounter with nothingness?

When the listener interacts with the unheard work of Klein, all the emotions, ideas and thoughts that are evoked from this encounter become entirely unique to this individual, as they are interacting with themselves, there is no common thread between the next person’s encounter with nothingness and this individual’s encounter, none.

Any talk of the art speaking for itself becomes null, as there is no art. It is listener that is doing the talking and so, the listener becomes the artist.

Thus, what can be said of this empty record? Or rather, what cannot be said?


– Kwame Mintah