Efiɛ Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Dubai specialised in the promotion of artists from Africa, both within the continent and the diaspora, with a particular focus on artists ranging from West Africa. The gallery represents both mid-career and established artists and supports the sharing of their works in the Middle East, creating a unique platform for collaboration and exchange between the two regions. This platform for collaboration goes beyond the mere exhibition of artists from Africa, rather an artist studio for residency programmes caters for both the gallery’s artists and local artists, presenting itself as the active site for said collaboration.Efiɛ Gallery’s mission is threefold, embedded in the notions of artist promotion, protection and preservation. In its approach, the gallery is focused on building strong relationships with artists to appropriately represent and shape a narrative bound to their artwork and the vision they have for this artwork.The mezzanine hosts a record gallery which exhibits rare and important vinyl records from around the world. Through the exhibition of records, the gallery seeks to highlight the intersection of art and music, ultimately allowing for a holistic celebration of the Arts. The record gallery also offers an intimate space where visitors can enjoy a relaxed environment, serving an assortment of speciality bites and beverages.Efiɛ Gallery was founded by Valentina Mintah, Kobi Mintah and Kwame Mintah

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