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Eleri Efiɛ presents a huge individual exhibition signed by El Anatsui

    Efiɛ Gallery is scheduled to launch a new permanent gallery space in Dubai in the Creative Zone of Al-Quoz on Tuesday, March 8, 2022, opening a huge solo exhibition entitled Shard Song by renowned contemporary artist El Anatsui sponsored by Mai Ling Loko and creative director by Aida Moloney.

    The exhibition presents a series of new wood carvings reminiscent of Anatsui’s previous work in this field and its continued development, complemented by a collection of distinctive works designed with bottle covers. This gallery was co-founded by Kobe Mintah, Kwame Mintah and Ms. Valentina Mintah. Efiφ Gallery is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to promoting African artists both inside and outside the black continent to reflect the experience of the African diaspora while highlighting West African art. The exhibition represents mid-career artists and veteran others and supports their work in the Middle East, creating a platform for collaboration and exchange between the two regions.

    The term Shard or “fragment” is due to the basic unit of al-Anatsui’s work, the broken part of the ceramic pot, or the piece that has been torn and divided. But the word “fragment” here illustrates the quality and potential of the broken piece, leaving its edges bare and exposed but ultimately “free.” “The fragment also brings with it a degree of life force within the small range of the part,” Loko says.

    loko went on to explain: “the idea that the song belongs to the fragment gives strength to this fragment. it also reflects the dynamism and movement resulting from the repetitive process of wood carving, which shows here the splendor as if the wood plays music with its fine patterns and exquisite colors. there is a fluidity in chaos and unbridled power manifested in delicate sculptures across the planks. i felt that the word “song” unified this idea in a way that was close to the heart and more private, conveying a sense of freedom and the pleasure of creating artwork. the idea of “every fragment has its own song” gives the unique gift and power of each piece, but at the same time the “song” may also reflect the beauty of the pieces scattered in a uniquely integrated way.”

    In October 2021, the Efiφ exhibition was first opened in Dubai through a temporary exhibition pavilion at The Plaza Tower, as part of the All Africa Festival, providing a distinctive vision of the exhibition’s long-term plans for Dubai and the region. Now, with its new and permanent exhibition space, Efiφ is the new addition to The Tailor Art Avenue in Dubai’s Creative Coz region.

    Efiφ Gallery is one of the first gallery to provide permanent exhibition space in the new Tailor Art Avenue, a fascinating new cultural destination and an integrated new development within the ever-expanding Creative Coz region. The exhibition area occupies 3,000 square meters of open viewing space. It is a mezzanine floor that hosts a permanent art studio that meets the needs of local gallery and artists, creating a unique platform for cooperation and exchange between the two regions. In addition to a recording gallery displays rare and important classic discs from all over the world. By displaying these records, the exhibition seeks to highlight the interconnection between art and music, ultimately allowing all arts to be celebrated from a comprehensive perspective. The recording gallery also offers a private space where visitors can enjoy a comfortable environment while eating a variety of meals and drinks.

    Credit: Efiφ Gallery presents a huge exhibition entitled Shard Song and signed by El Anatsui | High-end (